Don’t allow fear to keep you from your purpose or from greatness

Don’t allow fear to keep you from your purpose...

Embrace Your Greatness

U are a wonderful person

U are unique and special

U come with your own energy signature, & no one else in this universe has been made like you

You are you, and your unique qualities are to be valued, acknowledged and appreciated...@4evabody

So, loving yourself is the only thing that makes sense. How can you not? How can you chose fear over choosing to love you, who is so special?

If there is something that you are being called to do from the voice within, know that this is happening for a reason. And it is your time.

Whether its saying: I want to get better at xyz, or I need to start over... I need to go to school or I need to quit this job. It's something from within your core that needs to be expressed and honored, and I guarantee that if you follow that gentle inner voice, rather than listen to someone else's opinions, you will find yourself walking an exciting path and realizing your true dreams as they unfold.

Nothing is easy.

We all deserve happiness and the road to happiness is never a straight one. It comes with twists and turns, with experiences that we can “call” good or bad, but that is all based on perception.

Happiness, as it stands, needs to come from within. If you are grateful and live life with gratitude, happiness can be restored. In those moments of gratitude, I’m sure that you can say to yourself that all of your life’s struggles were difficult yet so very necessary to make you into the person who you are today.

Fear is an illusion... and it should not be allowed to be inflated beyond its actual purpose. The only thing that is real, is you right here, in this moment. If left unchecked, fear can grow into overwhelming anxiety, phobias, depression, and even psychosis.

Fear is present when we have a preoccupation with the future, rather than living in the present moment. To assume the worst will happen, before one has already lived it, is a set up. Its a mental projection that is not validated with any factual data, but can come to pass due to the vibrancy set in motion with ones thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your mind, live in the moment with gratitude, and change your life .....

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