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October 2019

ForeverBody Mind & Soul Community App

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  • Available on iOs and Android
  • Our community app serves as a source of Motivation and Inspiration with Free Access to the "Elevation Room"
  • Participate in group Workout & Health Eats challenges
  • Free Access to educational material to help you heal yourself holistically, while achieving your highest and best Wellness Level.
  • Participate in Free Monthly Contests and Raffles!
  • You can even book your classes online.
  • Option to Join the Private Group for Health Coaching and Mentorship, "Eat to Live" for $15.99/month
  • Enjoy Live streaming and playbacks of workshops and classes (with monthly subscription)
  • Book Private Consultation
  • Access to Private, 1 on 1 Mentorship with LaToya Lattibeaudiere Nurse Practitioner, and certified Life Coach.
  • Class Reminders, Positive Affirmations, Life Changing Assignments, Goal & Obstacle identification, and more
  • Enjoy healthy living tips, both on and off of a budget

Join the "Eat to Live" Community Group

  • Join us for the Winter Keto Challenge, Starting October 14th to December 31st! We are Gaining "ZERO" pounds during the Holidays.
  • This group is led by LaToya Lattibeaudiere, Nurse Practitioner, and certified Life Coach.
  • Gain Access to this group with a low-cost monthly subscription of $15.99/month, or a yearly fee of $59,99
  • Full Health Coaching & Mentorship community
  • You are given everything you need to be successful, including  tips and tricks for success while on Keto.
  • Learn how to continue to enjoy low-carb sweet treats, low-carb alcoholic beverages, and of course low-carb snacks and meals.
  • Stay motivated and Participate in weekly challenges for prizes.
  • Learn about "food intuition" and how we all have access to it
  • Develop Better decision-making skills at food choices
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Start on the ketogenic diet, with a support group
  • Includes meal plans, shopping lists, instructional videos, workout videos, live video streaming, and more.
  • Not restricted to "Keto", as you can learn and discuss other types of nutrition plans such as low-carb, paleo, intermittent fasting, and more.

Keto Consultation

For those who want to do the ketogenic diet, but need help to stay on track. Maybe you have tried and failed in the past and need accountability, structure, and guidance.

The benefits of the Keto Consultation does not stop at initial consultation. We know that in addition to doing the "work," a support system will boost your chances of  having success (see reviews below).

You will have the opportunity to continue to build your relationship with LaToya as your coach, and also gain access to the "Eat to Live" Community Group.

  • Learn and Understand more about your body
  • Gain a deeper understanding of metabolic processes and how food is utilized in the body
  • Make more educated, health food choices
  • gain a stronger sense of accountability
  • continued weight management support
  • arrange for private facetime/zoom appointments and meetings
  • medication / pharmaceutical review
  • prescriptions only as necessary
  • lab analysis and monitoring